Teaching staff at Langlands Primary have been given the inaugural award from Teachmindset Ltd for For outstanding whole school commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, underpinned by Growth Mindset approaches.

Teaching staff have worked alongside Dr John Paul Fitzpatrick, learning about how to empower learners to achieve their full potential. This has included learning about the brain, resilience and the importance of praising effort, so that pupil’s focus on effort and trying their best whilst teaching staff ensure that everyone in the class is supported fully and challenged to their full potential.

Staff then delivered exciting and innovative lessons across the whole school and were involved in a successful parents evening to raise their awareness of Mindset.  This has then been reinforced through assemblies, and a rolling programme of activities so that pupils begin to change their behaviours and realise that their intelligence is not fixed and recognise that learning from mistakes is how we learn

Dr John Paul Fitzpatrick, Director of TeachMindset Ltd, said “I am so proud of the team at Langlands and their commitment to embed this important work.  The whole of the Langlands Primary school team, supported by inspirational leadership, have worked tirelessly to take Growth Mindset forward in a hugely impressive way and we look forward to continuing to support their journey and unending commitment to help all children equally achieve their full potential”.