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TeachMindset are fully paid up members of the “aim high” school of thought. We believe in the power of goal-led learning to build brain capacity and develop potential in young people, and adults too. All of our work is built on the practical application of growth mindset principles.


We’re based in Scotland, but our work is rooted in a growing international movement, and it works. Far from being fluffy or flash-in-the-pan, growth mindset practice has a neuro-scientifically proven capacity to deliver long-lasting, transformational change.

With our growth mindset work, TeachMindset delivers change to fixed ways of thinking, learning and doing. We’re making a positive difference to lives and to futures by challenging prevailing belief systems and barriers to learning.

That’s because we really believe in getting the best out of people, so when it comes to learning, teamwork or leadership, our ethos is all about supporting and encouraging a significant shift in language and behaviour. We don’t shut learning down, or keep it in a fixed place, we open it up for maximum personal growth, and to boost the bottom line too. We bring this growth agenda to all of our work, whether that’s in education or with corporate clients.

For TeachMindset, the business of working to build brighter futures presents a robust challenge to socio-cultural dismissiveness around the idea of rising above your station. Yes, we believe in building positive futures, but we’re not about false, empty praise. As such, TeachMindset tools develop potential with personal resilience built in. A central core of our work is based on constructive critique, feedback and a willingness to break hard-wired habits.

Learning and leading – our founder

For someone with self-confessed geek tendencies, life is not all about Star Wars for Ayrshire-born TeachMindset founder John Paul Fitzpatrick. However, John Paul’s always glad to indulge in some intergalactic chat when he’s not training for half marathons or boxset binge viewing.

Professionally speaking, John Paul’s career has seen him cross the divide from frontline community work to formal education and leadership roles. Young people have been a constant, from early youth work days through to supporting children at risk of exclusion from schools, and the development of policy and good practice for looked after children.

JP’s experience extends to grown ups too, through extensive school improvement and leadership work with parents and teachers. These days, as a small business owner and qualified executive coach John Paul has a unique insight to the challenges of commerce and applies his growth mindset principles for corporate clients too.

As a serial learner, education has played a huge part in John Paul’s life. After being told at school that he was too stupid to get a degree, his CV now boasts a BA, an MSc, an MBA and a Phd too. These days, he’s known as Dr JP.

Tom Urie

To say Tom has been on the rollercoaster of life is an understatement!  An actor, writer and musician, Tom has been in the news these past couple of years for an astonishing turnaround in his life – shedding over 19 stones in weight.

He’s perhaps best knows as BBC River City’s “Big Bob” to as the character is now known – “Not So Big Bob” as he now occupies a fraction of the space he used to!  Tom’s story is that of overcoming adversity, bullying, addiction and low self confidence – harnessing negativity and using that energy as a positive driving force.   Tom managed to overcome a crippling lung condition to eventually stand in front of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and sing “Nessun Dorma” on national TV.  Describing it as “musical bungee jumping,” he is now working on ways to use drama and music to  push forward through life’s many challenges.

Oh, and he loves Abba.

Adam Ashe

A 25 year old 6ft 4 professional rugby player, who loves his job, it’s fair to say Adam is a man with contrasting interests.

Since leaving high school Adam has been part of the Glasgow warriors rugby team. He has played over 50 caps for the club and 6 caps for Scotland.

Over the years Adam has explored some of his other interests. One of which is a huge passion for learning about the human mind. His exploration in mindset was initially linked to living life as a professional athlete, he was someone who always wanted to get the best out of himself. Adam encourages always growing and following your dreams. But he has found that it’s important and valuable for people to understand clearly that who they are right now in this moment is already enough. Whole, perfect, not broken and as resilient as any person out there. Once this has been recognised, living with more ease, connection, engaged learning and growth, wellbeing and happiness are all by products.

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