April 21

How do you get a growth mindset?


That’s the random question I get asked most at the moment! John Paul, how do you get a growth mindset? Almost like it’s something you can purchase off eBay – if only it were that easy!

So, how do you achieve a growth mindset? To help explore this I have kicked off a seminar series, for free aimed at teachers, social workers, parents, anyone with an interest in their wellbeing and development. So far we have had input’s from Lena Carter on wellbeing and resilience, Susan Aktemel from Homes For Good and Gavin Oattes from Tree of Knowledge. Gavin’s latest book, Life Will See You Now is a must-read.

Not one of them would necessarily say they all have been able to ‘get a growth mindset’ – but all would talk about their constant striving for improvement; hard work and effort.

James Nottingham and John Paul will be exploring this at our free summit series.

How do you get a growth mindset?

The other common characteristic running through our speakers was their reflective abilities and ability to positively embrace critique and criticism. All key features of Carol Dweck’s work on Mindset.

how do you get a growth mindset?
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All of our talks have in part explored resilience and Growth Mindset. Although all our participants in the seminar series have came from different backgrounds, at their core of their messages has been the need to focus; be present and work at our resilience. The one constant we all have is thought. So, to answer ‘how do you get a growth mindset?’ – consider that all of our success; emotional state and outlook is all shaped by our thinking in the moment.

Tomorrow’s session guarantees to be a great one. I am speaking to James Nottingham, creator of The Learning Pit. James is an international keynote speaker and has toured in the past with Carol Dweck. I can’t wait to ask him, on behalf of you, ‘How do you get a Growth Mindset?”

Don’t forget you can sign up for our events series at: https://events.teachmindset.com


Growth Mindset

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