May 13

How to find freedom from anxiety and stress


Just shot a friend while a conversation about business… Heart vs. Brain. Life vs. Stress - it’s all calming down.
Photographer: Christian Erfurt | Source: Unsplash

Have you managed to find freedom from anxiety and stress? Something we all need help with, now, more than ever. As a famous politician said, we need to stay alert! (What on earth does that mean?)

Just like the invisible enemy, the other unseen is our own wellbeing and that of everyone around us. Life under lockdown is tough. We are bombarded with things we need to do, programmes we need to invest in, the rat race of social media, and a 24 hours news cycle that is hard to escape.

Throw in the challenges of homeschooling; living in a confined space; not working; worries about money – the list goes on! Yet, if we leave our wellbeing unchecked, ignoring our thoughts and feelings could send us into a spiral to the bottom.

My friend was very ill, he called me and said: it’s enough to sit and do nothing, let’s do something at least. The main motivator was my friend, who saw in me the potential that I do not use. He was forbidden to go out into the cold, but he took the all  medicines in his fist, drank and said: Photography is more important than illness!
Photographer: Elijah O'Donnell | Source: Unsplash

Like you, I have had good days and bad days of late. Yet, I’ve come to understand that the answer to my own wellbeing lies within. So, how do we support ourselves and those we care about deeply at this time to achieve freedom from anxiety and stress?

Well, as part of our Making Mindset Real webinar series, I will be speaking to someone who has managed to find their own freedom from a life of constant stress. I will be speaking to self-proclaimed wellbeing adventurer James Abbott.

Meet James Abbott

James is a fascinating person – he’s warm, engaging and humorous. James works with people of all ages to help them explore and get back in touch with their own wellbeing. James delivers workshops to Primary Schools in Leeds under the My Mental Health Rocks programme.

What is the key to freedom from anxiety and stress?

James will be sharing his own story, in his own lighthearted and fun way. What happened to him, and what lessons can we all learn from his experience? Intrigued? You won’t want to miss this.

As always, you will have the chance to ask questions and engage in the webinar. I can’t wait to have you with us next week.

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