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Webinar chat with Lena Carter: How do we get better at young people’s mental health?

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of joining Lena Carter in a live webinar conversation where we discussed everything about young people’s mental health and wellbeing. This is particularly prescient in the context we find ourselves in in the middle of a pandemic and with much uncertainty. This has huge implications for young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Lena carter speaks mental health, emotional wellbeing & resiience


The amazing Lena Carter

I loved my conversation with Lena. She’s warm, engaging and loving. She is so passionately committed to her profession but also helping young people flourish. I loved her honesty and take on what young people need from us – and what we need from each other.

During the webinar, Lena was incredibly frank about her own mental health and her own experience. She spoke very powerfully about the role of adults in helping develop young people’s mental health.

Here’s one particularly powerful nugget extracted from the webinar and turned into a 1 minute video:

The Words of Lena Carter taken from our full interview (below).

The other things that leapt out during the interview were the practical things we can do in our classrooms to build deeper connections with our young people – but also with colleagues. And to frame this from an emotional wellbeing perspective.

I believe If we are to tackle the looming young people’s mental health crisis, we will need to invest time in each other – not just now, in the middle of a crisis, but as a permanent sea change in the very fabric of our society. Young people need coherent programmes and expertly facilitated spaces to process their emotions; to share; to connect and gain insight as well as clarity of thought. We will need to help them every step along the way. Life in condiment brings consequences as well as the full gambit of issues that they will have experienced in the intervening period since we last were all able to connect face to face.

I will be doing a follow-up webinar with Lena again soon. Sign up for an update to find out when this is happening as well as all the latest resources; articles; webinars and training from us at TeachMindset and a new young people’s mental health course we will be launching soon.

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Watch the full recorded webinar with Lena below:

Lena Carter talks to Dr John Paul Fitzpatrick

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