May 6

#rebootourfuture for all of our children to flourish?


#rebootourfuture for children and young people

So, there’s much talk of things needing to different? But what does different need to look like? From an education point of view, much needs to be improved as a result of years of under-investment in public services due to austerity programmes across the globe. A litany of targets missed; pressure increased and overwhelm at every turn. How can we #rebootourfuture, if you like?

From the global to the local, the pattern remains the same in our deeply interconnected world that is driven by the need for rampant consumerism and growth. A litany of soundbites, hollow promises and dreams of professionals and young people, shattered as they run to stand still. Yet, we have an opportunity to truly do things differently, to #rebootourfuture.

Our communities are the beating heart of our societies. Families go hungry and struggle with vast increases in poverty. We watched as foodbanks became the norm, and did our bit at the supermarket to donate. How can it be right that we leave to charity the support needs of our most vulnerable? A charity sector that now is decimated and at-risk itself because of our current circumstances. We need to fundamentally #rebootourfuture.

Our culture and tradition of informal education, youth work and social work services have for years been left in a state of decay. Yet we know that early intervention can transform lives, and if money is your thing, even save lots of that too. But we scratched our heads as knife crime increased, blaming police cuts or delinquent youths. We stood blithely back as the world lurched to the right, filled with big characters and empty promises. Surely, for the sake of communities and life chances everywhere, we desperately need to #rebootourfuture?

Meanwhile, the great public service postcode lottery continues. Have you got your ticket? What service you get now is stretched, under-resourced left to the behest of great people struggling to support huge levels of need. Inequalities have risen. Foodbanks have become the norm. The charity sector has been to paper desperately over the cracks. The vital functions they fulfill won’t survive unless we #rebootourfuture.

But does it need to be this way? Rather than look back at how we got here, we should seize the opportunity in front of us now. The future is surely for us to shape, to influence, to challenge, to query and create? At TeachMindset, we want to provoke a conversation and debate about this. We are passionate about helping everyone flourish. We know that you care too, so what do you think? Post on twitter now ( using hashtag #rebootourfuture or in the TeachMindset FB Group (

#rebootourfuture for your children and young people

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