Young People, Parents and Teachers.

Peer-Led Training, Coaching And

Growth Mindset Workshops

For us, growth mindset can and does deliver brave and bright futures. At TeachMindset we’re working with schools and pre-school settings to dismantle fixed mindsets and barriers which prevent ongoing learning. We facilitate peer-led training, coaching and growth mindset workshops for young people, parents and teachers.


With our work in the education system we’re aiming high. Not just in terms of improving exam passes, positive destinations and the three Rs, but also by tackling embedded educational norms and the prevalent language of learning. TeachMindset’s work addresses lack of aspiration by challenging the prevailing culture of “I just cannae dae that”.

It’s not just about formal learning, well being also plays a big part in our approach. We support young people to develop lifelong resilience and emotional strength. We want every child to be able to take (and offer) constructive critique and bounce back unscathed.

It’s never too late to learn, so grown ups also benefit from the TeachMindset treatment. Our services and sessions for teachers, support staff and parents offer new ways of thinking and doing. Our work is specifically designed to support your own learning, and young people’s too.


The specialist services we offer teachers and parents include:

  • Introduction to growth mindset workshops (for teachers and/or parents)
  • Collaborative enquiry sessions
  • CLPL on strengthening attainment and engagement
  • Senior and Middle Leadership Coaching
  • CLPL on parental engagement with parents workshops
  • Parent Coaching Training Sessions
  • Curricular design consultancy

For primary and secondary school pupils our sessions include:

  • what is growth mindset?
  • developing confidence and aspiration
  • shifting your thinking
  • pupil-led growth mindset groups
  • Leadership Academies for Senior Pupils
  • peer coaching for attainment

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