Whole School Mindset Success in Hillhead High School, Glasgow


Creating a Growth Mindset whole school approach has led to success for Hillhead High School in Glasgow

TeachMindset has been working across the whole of Hillhead High School in Glasgow to embed Growth Mindset. So, what is Growth Mindset? Developed by Stanford Univerity’s Professor, Carol Dweck, Growth Mindset has at it’s heart developing pupil resilience, acceptance of robust critique and embracing the challenge of learning. 

The key to achieving mindset success in school is to apply the ideas of Growth Mindset across every area of school life as we are doing in Hillhead High School

We started our work mapping out requirements with the senior leadership team. To do this, we coached all of the leadership team individually and facilitating blue sky thinking sessions to make improvements to systems and processes and ways of working.

“The key to success is consistency across whole school” 
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Next, we provided training and coaching for the middle leaders as well as running several CPD sessions for teaching and support staff in the concepts of Growth Mindset. The purpose of our introduction CPD is to help staff understand how mindset fits with other interventions in school. Growth Mindset is congruent with nurture theory; resilience work; attachment theory and restorative approaches to behaviour management and current approaches to every aspect of planning for learner engagement.
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“Growth Mindset should underpin all learner engagement; challenge and feedback in class. We have produced dedicated resources to help teachers do this quickly and systematically. ” 

By working with all of the staff, we get a consistent and coherent approach to mindset across every classroom in the school. In Hillhead High School, this is very visible in every aspect of teaching and learning. 

Hillhead High School has relationships at the heart of their success and having pupils support others was an essential requirement for our support work with them. We trained 20 senior pupils to mentor younger pupils requiring additional nurture support. Our training explored mentoring and coaching; body language; communication skills as well as practising how to use growth mindset language in coaching.

The pupils found the sessions lively and engaging and were given feedback on their coaching so they could improve their practice providing them with invaluable experience and an essential set of life skills. We also embedded Growth Mindset into senior pupil’ leadership academies to raise awareness of mindset; raise aspiration and build this into team building activities.

Equally important, though, is working with parents and carers. Modelling growth mindset language focused on praising effort at home is crucial. In Hillhead High School, we ran several sessions on growth mindset awareness, study skills and resilience. Parents found these sessions practical, engaging and exciting.

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